All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.

All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.

John 6:37


John 6:37

Die Kirche im Hof

You can’t have a church without other people. Christians want to live their faith together. There is no one who has everything, and no one who has nothing. That is why we share our resources and our needs in the church.

As church members, we want to grow together in faith and share our life. In doing so, we want to trust Jesus Christ and follow him. It is important to us to be open to all people, regardless of their origin, gender, language and assets. With God, everyone is welcome – everyone.

Family centre

Family centre

The Kirche im Hof is not only a local church, but also a family centre. People of all generations are welcome here, regardless of their religious orientation or mother tongue. As a family centre, we offer many opportunities to get to know other people, to learn new things and to bring in your own gifts and interests.

There is a special emphasis on German language courses at the family centre. Most of the teachers are not trained language teachers, but they are committed to this work and provide good opportunities to improve language skills. The courses are free of charge. You can join at any time, and there are no examinations.

Alongside the language courses, there are many other activities at the family centre.

You want to get to know us?


Together, we hold our church services. God loves us. We hear that in the sermon, in personal statements and the readings from the Bible. We enjoy singing. Everyone is invited to join us. If you have never been to a church service, take courage, be curious, you are always welcome.

Children belong to the congregation. They look forward to the children’s service on Sunday mornings. There they can play games, sing songs, learn about a Bible story in various ways. The aim is to give children a personal access to spiritual experiences. For children under 4, the playroom offers the opportunity to spend quality time in church with their parents.


Both as a church and as a family centre, the Kirche im Hof offers many opportunities to join in the work. There are volunteers who teach or offer training courses; others do renovation work in the house, look after the garden, visit the elderly or the sick, sing in the International Gospel Choir, make coffee and bake cakes. It is worthwhile to ask where you could do a voluntary job at the family centre.



Other Christian congregations also meet in the Kirche im Hof. People who speak Tigrinia, the language of Eritrea, come together on Saturdays from 2 pm and on some weekdays.

Once a month (on the 2nd Saturday) people who speak Chinese meet for worship.

There are small groups for people who speak Farsi.


The Bible is the inspiration for our faith and invites us to believe. The Spirit of God speaks to us through the Bible, which gives us guidance in all that we do. That is why we hear Bible texts in church and meet in different groups for joint Bible study, both in German and in Farsi. Some people meet in house groups, others in our church builidng. Treffpunkt Bibel is an open discussion group dedicated to the intensive study of biblical texts and topics.


It is highly important to pray for one another and for our common concerns. In the prayer group, the members take the confidential prayer requests to heart. During the Sunday services we pray for the sick if they wish for it. Such a request should be made to the team in advance.

The Room of Hope is a quiet space for personal prayer.

Once a year we hold a retreat weekend, usually at Kloster Germerode.

The Kirche im Hof is regularly involved in the Women’s World Day of Prayer.


Anyone who needs to talk about their problems, illnesses or life crises can approach a person they trust at any time.

Our pastors are particularly at their disposal in such cases.

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